James Hall is a talented innovative thinker with a very broad-based expertise in Business Leadership, Executive Management and Product development for the past 17 years. Assessing situations and meeting challenges head on, James brings the wisdom to instantly quantify intellectual ideas and result oriented solutions proven to run a successful business. Whether  leading a organizational expansions across the Country or Marketing campaign management and Sales for some of the largest Multi-Billion dollar conglomerates in the world. James was recognized and received honors, awards and accolades from many corporate partners and businesses over the years including partnerships excellence awards in 2014, 2015 from a major Fortune 100 corporation.

James Hall’s ability to overcome obstacles, personal challenges and adversity’s in his own life is what motivates Him to bring value to the lives of everyone he encounters. Currently James is a highly sought after inspirational speaker and national education advocate for personal growth, development and classroom management. He believes that positively influencing people at the highest levels will help extract the maximum value and potential from a person or team of people. James has traveled the country training and developing business and individuals to be the best they can be for the past 4 years. With his uniquely passionate speak life approach. James has made it a life long commitment to share his story and change lives.

James has a burning desire to see the educational system improve student and teacher relationships in the classroom all across the country. This Stems from his very humble beginnings growing up in the educational system. Struggling with what was said to be a learning disability through most  of his earlier years. Fortunately James Hall’s destiny changed when he was picked as one of the first student in a pilot program call “Maryland’s Tomorrow ” for troubled youth that were thought of as drop out risks because of severe learning curves. 

James believes that the genuine compassion of his “Maryland’s Tomorrow” teacher Ms. Carolyn M. Kustanbauter and the principles she taught him while attending Havre De Grace High school in Harford county, Maryland is what Gave him that you can be anything you want to be attitude and is what ultimately saved him. This butterfly effect has contributed greatly to the successes James has experienced in his life.

James truly understands the plight of our youth when it comes to the communication gap. He believes today’s students and the teachers that educate them are definitely speaking different languages at times. Bridging this gap has become the main priority for James. His ultimate goal is to build student and teacher relationships in the classroom. James delivers a proven training system of techniques and strategies that educators are using around the world to help raise test scores for students, decrease discipline challenges, improve classroom relationships and rapport. Giving educators the ability to meet students right where they are so they can lead them to where they need to be, capturing the students full attention and promoting a deeper learning through positive directional leadership, inspiration, motivation and unwavering integrity.